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Meet Kayleigh & Jamie

Meet Kayleigh & Jamie

Hydration Health Specialists

For years we searched for a solution, after a traumatic rollover car accident which left us both with sever chronic pain. Following doctors instructions of "drink more water" or get spinal injections? We started to drink a gallon of water a day yet seeing no signs of improvement. We started to study all the different waters on the market, we soon learned of  "ionized water or hydrogen rich water" and we quickly purchased an off brand water ionizer. After a year we realized we wasted our money, improvements in our health were small and we wanted more... much more! So we jumped in and got a K8 Kangen Machine in August 2019. Overnight changes started. 


After only 3 months of drinking the water we no longer experienced debilitating back pain, irregular menstrual cycles, acne, plantar warts, depression, PTSD from car accident, brain fog,  joint pain, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, restless sleep and that's just our story so far.

There are literally hundreds of amazing testimonials...


Kayleigh is a Illustrator and Graphic Designer, who works with a Social Justice organization - Waking Justice. She also has illustrated several vegan children's books. She has been vegan for nearly 20 years and for the last 8 years has studied holistic healing on all levels.

Jamie has been a Surgical Technologist for nearly 10 years. She searches for alternative solutions to combat avoidable diseases. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Alkalized Water?

It can allow your body to heal itself


Our bodies digestive system is an elaborate maze where often particles get lost, Kangen water relieves constipation and flushes toxins out.


Our bodies are over 70% water and when the body is fully hydrated we experience less pain, which improves our mood, thus our energy starts to return and our overall outlook on life becomes more optimistic.

Mental Health

The human brain is 83% water. Kangen water aids in reducing depression, banishing headaches, ADHD, Autism, mood, mental clarity


Free radicals are all around us in the air, water, food and lifestyle we live. Oxidation is the reason for sickness. Kangen water boosts your immune system, improves your complexion, flush your joins and even decalcifies your pineal gland. 

Weight Loss

9.5 PH water reduces inflammation and allows the body to emulsify fatty cells.

The mensural cycle is a natural part of a women's monthly detox. When drinking living water many women regain their mental cycle if once lost, heal ovarian cysts, reduce PMS and improve fertility.

Women's Health


“I slept better the first day I started drinking the living water, I awoke before my alarm went off. And I was not as tired in the afternoons when I usually hit a wall.”

— Jason


Your Health is your Wealth.

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